Depression affects over a million Canadians a year.  Most people affected may not even be aware that it is an illness.  Normal people experience short-term unhappiness, worthlessness, self-blame, sadness, emptiness and disappointment from time to time as they come across negative events in life. In people with clinical depression, such feelings are severe and last several weeks and could have serious impact on their family, social and work life.



In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) there are different schools of thought on the causes and treatments of depression over the thousands of years.  Primarily they can be grouped into stagnation or deficiencies.  Stagnation can occur with Qi, Blood, Liver, Phlegm and deficiencies can happen with Heart, Spleen and Kidney, and is generally with Yin.


The principles of treatments require the accurate diagnosis of whether there is stagnation or deficiencies, and where the problems exist.  Stagnations will need to be removed and deficiencies tonified.


Since Heart is related to the mind, the Heart system is a very important part of the treatments.  The Ren and Du meridians are also crucial areas.