73 year old male was experiencing anxiety, high blood pressure, pain in the feet for over 10 years.  He was not able to get the issues resolved through the family doctor and specialists.  During the first visit, he appeared to be very nervous and it was confirmed with his wife that he was very irritable over minor issues.  The assessment determined that his Yang was excessive and Yin was deficient.  He was given dietary adjustments to follow and after a few sessions, he was noticeably calmer and the Yin and Yang were better balanced.  The pain in the feet disappeared and the blood pressure was within the normal range.  He continued to receive treatments weekly for several weeks, then every other week for a few months, and now every 5 - 6 weeks for maintenance.  His wife witnessed the dramatic improvement in the overall health, and in particular the absence of anxiety and all the related symptoms, including irritability and short temper.  She was the one who encouraged the patient to keep up with the treatment schedule at the beginning and the patient was very happy that she did.