We are practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and that is all we do.

Classical Chinese medicine diagnostic technique 望聞問切 is what we use to fully determine the root causes of your health issues. In a truly holistic manner, we also assess your life style and dietary patterns and provide advice on how you can adjust them to speed up your recovery through acupuncture treatments.

We spend the time to explain the diagnosis and discuss how the course of treatments will be done.

 Any questions you may have will be answered in detail. If you are interested, we take the time to explain the TCM and acupuncture concepts to you to help you understand how they work, and what to expect, but more importantly, to help you get the best results by working with us.


Classical Chinese medicine predates science and therefore does not use laser, herb powders and electrical stimulation. We adhere to the most classical methodology, and only use needles instead of laser for acupuncture, wholesome herbs instead of ground herbs powders, and manual manipulation instead of electric currents. This approach ensures the originally intended healing effects of Chinese medicine and acupuncture are realized to speed up your recovery.