We are fully trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the system of medicine behind acupuncture, herbs, etc.. We only practice TCM and acupuncture, which means that we specialize in this field, in contrast to some practitioners who are primarily physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths etc. who also do acupuncture.

We follow the most classical Chinese approach in diagnosing the patient. In-depth assessments are performed to understand every detail about the patient prior to determining the course of treatment.

We never “guarantee” the number of sessions prior to beginning the treatments. Since it is not possible to pre-determine this without understanding all the details about the patient, including how he/she responds to the first few treatments, we believe it is unethical to provide this information without basis.

Since we have extensive experience in treating a wide range of health issues, many of which Western medicine has little success in, the information we provide you in terms of the prognosis is based on actual practical experience.  We never stretch out the timeline in order to generate more business.  Our primary goal is to get the patient healthy in the shortest amount of time.  We expect a partnership with the patient, which means that we do our best, and the patient needs to put in their part of the efforts such as following closely the changes in diet and life style.